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Music Biz Doctor.

MUSIC BIZ DOCTOR How it works…

Straightforward Rapid Consultation

Present the Music Biz Doctor with a specific question and receive a truthful authorised answer, up to approximately A4 in size.

£75 per question

Either feel free to get in touch with your queries and obtain a quote or utilise one of the immediate services on offer below right now. Contact details including direct phone access are given upon purchase.

For the best information possible, questions are sometimes passed onto our network of on-hand associate specialists to answer for best results.

Music Critiquing

Often you only get one chance in this business, so obtain a professional appraisal of your music before submitting it anywhere else in order to maximise chances of success. Your song will receive a creative evaluation and provide constructive feedback with points as to how it can be improved.

£75 per song

Virtual Representation

This service is like having a manager, only without having to share your artist royalties!

For an agreed fee depending upon requirements, the Music Biz Doctor will provide a complete and unique game plan for your career, with unbiased representation and guidance for an arranged time span.  

Charge based upon requirements - please get in touch for an affordable quote

Contract Overview

To the uninitiated, music contracts can simply look like double-Dutch. On top of that, entertainment solicitors are expensive to hire and often with smaller scaled deals the price of hiring one can actually seem non-cost-effective, especially if the contract isn’t even worth the paper it’s written on in the first place. With the Contract Overview package, the Music Biz Doctor will explain in simple terms exactly what the jargon means and whether the deal is actually worth pursuing and taking forward with an established solicitor. We can also recommend reputable associate entertainment and media lawyers to negotiate contracts to the next level.

£400 per contract